Safety at Torbay School

At Torbay School we take the safety of your children very seriously and do our very best to mitigate against accidents and incidents. We ask that you support us in this mission and that by working collaboratively we can provide a safe, secure, physical and emotional environment for your children.

Road Safety

  • Please ensure that you respect the crossing patrols and do not park on the restricted areas close to the crossing or in the bus bay
  • Park and walk to pick up your children rather than double park
  • The designated drop off zone should only be used when collecting or dropping children off and the driver remains in the vehicle
  • Move to the front of the drop off zone when space becomes available, avoiding frustration for those behind
  • Do not call children across the road, children should always use the crossings

Before and After School Safety

  • Park on the road (not in the school car parks)
  • Use crossings and gates to enter the school
  • Use Fun Club if arriving prior to 8.30am or if collecting children late.
  • Students are to wait in bus bay, outside classroom or office after school (not playground, or fields)
  • Year 6 students can ride bikes and  scooters to and from school and Year 5 students can ride their scooters by obtaining permission from the principal.  Click here for a form.  All other students may only ride scooters or bikes with an adult.  No riding within school grounds 
  • Wheels day on Fridays in term 1 and 4 only when the senior students are out of the school on waterwise days

Safety in the playground

  • Students have specific areas they can play in
  • Rules are put in place around where and when they can play
  • Duty teachers monitor play and solve issues
  • Peer mediators (year 6 students) support play in the playground and problem solve minor incidents

Emergency procedures at School

  • Minor accidents are dealt with by staff following Torbay School procedures
  • Students who are injured will be assessed by staff and parents are informed, if deemed necessary
  • Health and Safety records are kept centrally
  • Procedures for Fire, Flooding, Lock down and  Earthquake are in place 
  • In case of emergency, parents are contacted via email

Cyber safety   (more information here)

  • Cyber safety and digital citizenship is part of the school curriculum for all students 
  • All students to adhere to our responsible use agreement  
    • Year 4,   Year  5,    Year  6
  •  Procedures are in place if rules are broken
  • Please contact Katie Hills for further information. [email protected] 

Emotional Safety

  • Please encourage your children to talk to teachers if they are feeling unhappy at school
  • Encourage your children to support others and be kind and helpful to  all
  • All students to follow our CARE values.
  • Contact the school if extra support is needed [email protected]