Health and Medical

Dental Clinic
The public dental clinic visit’s our school in a mobile van during the year to check children’s teeth.  They will then advise you if you need to follow-up with an appointment at a clinic for any dental work.  If you have a problem concerning your child’s dental care or would like to visit the community dental clinic at any time of year, please ring Northcross Children’s Community Dental Clinic 09 479 4236.

Head Lice
We strongly encourage parents to make regular inspections of their children’s hair to detect occurrences of pediculosis.  If you find head lice or their eggs in your children’s hair, please notify your child’s teacher. Information sheets on head lice are available from the school office.  When a case is detected in a classroom, then usually all parents with children in that class will be notified of the occurrence, and requested to check their children’s hair.  Head lice are highly infectious so children may be sent home for treatment.


Children who become ill at school are sent home after the parent/caregiver or emergency contact person has been notified to collect them.

If your child has had a stomach upset, they must stay away at home for at least 24 hours from the last symptoms of this.  If you are unsure whether or not to send your child to school due to an illness, feel free to contact the school office or speak with your doctor.

Please let the school know if your child has any medical issues.  No medication will be given to your child without your permission.   Children who suffer from asthma, or who have known allergic reactions, must have appropriate medication and an Action Plan filed in the Health Room.

If long term medication is necessary parents/caregivers must complete a Medical Action Plan which will be kept on file in the Health Room.  Prescribed medication must be provided to the office in a container or envelope clearly marked with the child’s name the dosage and clear instructions for dispensing. Medicines and cough medication (including lozenges) are not to be included in lunch boxes.

Vision and Hearing
Waitemata District Health Board provides free vision and hearing screening for eligible children.  Vision and Hearing Technicians visit our school to test students at various times during the year.  Please complete the consent form given to you at enrolment and return to the office.