Travel Wise, Bus and Walking School Bus

School Bus Route

This is an afternoon service only. The bus departs school at 3.05pm

Deep Creek, Weatherly, Glamorgan, Marina, Stredwick, Killarney, Deep Creek, Ellangowan, Beach, County, Glenvar, Awaruku, Stredwick, Glenvar, Ashley.

1 Stage Fare
Students using this service will need to purchase a Hop Card or have cash.

Children catching the bus meet at the top of the pathway by Alexander Ave and are escorted to the Bus Bay by a staff member.  They need to arrive at the designated point as soon after 3pm as possible so it is a good idea to let the class teacher know the day(s) that they will catching the bus as the bus leaves promptly at 3.05pm.  It is advisable that a parent catch the bus with your child the first time.

A Travel Wise to school plan is a set of practical actions that aim to improve road safety and promote sustainable transport to and from school.

The benefits include:

  • Keeping school gates clear of cars which is safer for everyone

  • Safer travel routes to school

  • Reduced traffic congestion

  • Reduction of polluting car emissions in the environment

  • Helping children learn road sense skills and become familiar with their community

  • Walking helps improve your child’s fitness and health

  • Walking helps children arrive at school awake, alert, and ready to learn

The following documents may assist in planning your children’s trips to and from school:

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