Wā Kitea | Discovery Time

Wā Kitea-Discovery time at Torbay School

The aims of Wā Kitea are:


  • To develop a happy transition from ECE to primary and through their school years.

  • To foster individual interests and passion.

  • To allow the children to explore themselves in a range of learning zones in the environment around them.

This programme encourages and supports the children in developing:

  • The love of coming to school

  • The key competencies/Learner powers

  • Social skills

  • Readiness for learning

  • Nurturing

  • Appreciating

  • Exploring

  • Fundamental skills for learning

To discuss further or to look at a classroom in action, contact:  Susan Ye

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Foundation Booklet

Watch this short video to see Wā Kitea – Discovery time in action