Our Values

Torbay School Values

Values are what people believe is important to live in society.  People show their values in how they think and what they do.  Students learn about their own values, and other people’s values, through their learning experiences.

Students should value:

    These will be promoted through classroom programmes, daily notices, assembly items, newsletter section, sporting and outdoor education opportunities and the website.  Torbay School has a positive learning environment that promotes and celebrates – C A R E

    Torbay School is a place where we value learning, effort and achievement by:

    • Fostering lifelong learning
    • Encouraging each other
    • Being willing to have a go and keep on trying

    Kei te aroha tenei!   This is love!
    Torbay School is a place where we build strong relationships through:

    • Sharing and including others
    • Using I statements
    • Treating others appropriately
    • Accepting  differences
    • Caring about ourselves, others and our environment

    Respect and Responsibility
    Ko te mea nui ko te manaakitangata!   The main thing is to look after and nurture all mankind!  Torbay School is a place where we act responsibly and respect others by:

    • Looking after ourselves and others
    • Looking after our environment
    • Being kind,  co-operative and fair
    • Being independent
    • Thinking before we act and accepting consequences
    • Being organised and prepared

    Ka takakawe tahi tataou ki te hiranga!   We will strive together for excellence! 
    Torbay School is a place where we strive for excellence by:

    • Aiming high
    • Asking questions
    • Challenging ourselves through problem solving and thinking strategies
    • Setting goals
    • Showing perseverance
    • Turning learning into actions
    • Being reflective