Our Vision

Our Vision

Flying High, Learning for Success

We believe in a Learning Culture where:

  • All children are valued and diversity recognised

  • Individual learning potential is fostered through effective learning and teaching

  • Literacy and Numeracy is emphasised

  • Achievement will be encouraged and celebrated

  • CARE – Commitment, Aroha, Respect & Responsibility, Excellence are promoted

  • A sense of belonging will be developed through a nurturing, positive and caring environment

  • Positive partnerships between the school and the community will be valued

  • Teaching and Learning programmes are enhanced through high quality professional development

Torbay School Strategic Goals

Goal 1:
Enabling each learner to achieve full potential by providing learning programmes that allow for their holistic development.

Goal 2:
Realising potential by providing a safe, supportive and enjoyable learning environment.

Goal 3:
Developing meaningful and effective relationships with our community.