Te Reo

“Ko ngā pae tawhiti whāia kia tata, ko ngā pae tata, whakamaua kia tina.”

“The potential for tomorrow depends on what we do today.”


In these difficult times some Māori tikanga has temporarily changed to ensure the health of the people. Another option for the hongi, is the “hā mamao” as in the breath (of life, shared in hongi) from a distance. It’s said this is a tikanga from Māori in the South island. Torbay school accepted the wero (challenge) of learning and practising the Hā Mamao this term.

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Our Aims: 

  • To work alongside expert teachers to extend students who excel in te Reo.  
  • Our Kapa haka coordinator, to provide opportunities for the roopu to perform at festivals, powhiri, school events the use of basic te reo Māori, waiata and Tikanga in a range of situations.
  • To teach from level 1 of the curriculum and stepping into level 2 as we are able to. Te Reo Māori in English – medium schools
  • To use Wai Ako to incorporate te Reo into daily use in the classroom as much as possible.   https://www.waiako.com/ 
  • To use the approach of tuakana/teina to assist student led learning across the school through Wai Ako. 
  • To recognise that teachers too are learners in this process.  
  • To ensure that Māori culture is valued in our school and that Māori children succeed as Māori.
  • To develop an environment that reflects our culture.

 Understanding that:

  1.  Languages are also vehicles of culture. 
  2. Through language we can understand and respect the values and culture of people.
  3. The belief about the well-being of te reo Māori – that the more we learn and speak it the more it will flourish.

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