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Website NameNotes
NZ GovernmentIdeas for parents, You can help your child’s learning every day, by supporting and encouraging them and being excited by their learning.
ResourcesYou can use different elements of these foldout booklets in communications with your students, parents, and community.
Games for LearningFun games for all ages!
Worlds NewsTime for Kids, Engage, Empower, Inspire.

Maths Websites

Website NameNotes
Fun Maths ActivitiesMaths site for everyone, where logic & thinking meets fun & games.
BBC MathsCalculations, add subtract, multiply and divide.
Maths at our HouseProvides some ideas for how you can raise awareness and share mathematics using everyday experiences.
Maths ChallengesA place where one can discover the joy, wonder, and fun of mathematics.
Interactive Maths GamesWord Maths, Maths Problem Solving.

Literacy Websites

Website NameNotes
BBC EnglishPractical literacy skills.
Vocabulary Spelling City We’re on a Mission to Build Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension.
Chidlren’s Digital LibraryRead a variety of online books.
StarfallStarfall has been teaching children to read with phonics for well over a decade.
Storyline OnlineStories that read out loud.