Applications are open for 2023/2024 for Long Term and Short Term Students.

Torbay School offers a unique opportunity for Short term International students. The program is designed to give international students a taste of life at a New Zealand school. Your child will have opportunities to develop their knowledge of our culture and language within our supportive school environment.



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  • International students may not be entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand, so may be liable for the full cost of any treatment.  Appropriate insurance is therefore required in order to meet any health costs that may rise.
  • Torbay School must confirm that the student has appropriate insurance as per Outcome 3 – Offers, enrolment and contracts, section 16(5) (a-d) of New Zealand’s Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) 2019.
  • Torbay School will only accept a policy that has 100% medical/hospital/evacuation coverage.  Pre-existing illness MUST be disclosed, as pre-existing illnesses are NOT automatically covered.
  • Students and families are able to provide their own insurance cover, however, in this situation details available under those policies should be provided in English to ensure the policy meets the requirements set out in the Code.
  • Full details on entitlements to publicly funded health services are available through the Ministry of Health at www.health.govt.nz
  • The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents, and temporary visitor to New Zealand, but international students may still be liable for all other medical and related costs.  For more information, go to www.acc.co.nz

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