There is an annual donation to the school which we expect each family to pay.  The amount is set by the Board of Trustees and is used for the purchase of essential classroom consumables, first aid, paper towels and sanitizers for the school.  It is also used for computers, sports gear, playground equipment, library books, and additional teaching staff to assist in supporting students in their learning. Donations from families are essential for the running of the school.

This is usually collected at the beginning of the school year.   However, some parents find this a burden on the budget at this time of the year, and pay it later in the year or in instalments.

Children entering the school during the year are requested to pay the donation on a pro rata basis depending on the term in which school is begun. Details of the annual donation can be obtained at the school office or you can click here to view.

You are able to claim a tax refund on school donations paid by requesting
and completing an IR526 form from the Inland Revenue