It’s all happening in Torbay School sport’s world! Hockey and netball teams are well into their season and are achieving great results every week. The games are thrilling to watch and the children have come a long way, improving their individual skills and gelled nicely within their teams.

Flippaball teams started their training and games and despite some teams being new to this sport, they are working hard and giving it their  best.

Little League, Miniball and Basketball trainings are also in progress. Some games have already been played and some will follow by the end of this week. These will continue weekly until December. We wish all the teams the very best and don’t forget to have lots and lots of fun.

Next week Torbay School will participate in Winter Sports Day and we look forward to a full day of games on Thursday 15th of August at Kristin School.

Touch rugby season is nearly upon us with games starting in week 1 of term 4. Registrations are now open on our Torbay School website. Children in years 1-6 can participate.

Follow the steps below to register.

Fill a registration form via Torbay School website –click here
Pay via SHOP on our website.
Please complete registration and make payment by Wednesday 14th August 2019.  For more information visit

Thank you once again to all our whānau for supporting your children, having them at the games and trainings on time and to our coaches for their time, encouragement, dedication and sweet treats after the games.

If you need any help regarding sports at Torbay School please contact Monika Benkovic, our Sports Co-ordinator [email protected], or visit our website