Pleasurable food education:
skills for learning, skills for life

What is Garden to Table?

  • An exciting, integrated and comprehensive programme that helps children understand how to grow, harvest, prepare and share good food
  • It builds skills for life through practical, curriculum-integrated and child-centric classes teaching gardening and cooking skills
  • Builds awareness of responsibility for the environment, conscious eating and community connectedness

How does Garden to Table work?

  • Year 6 team. Every Wednesday morning 9-12.30. ½ class gardens while other ½ prepares food
  • Delivered by classroom teachers supported by Specialist Garden and Kitchen
  • We have a school garden behind room 19, and prepare & share food in the inquiry space / kitchen
  • Hands-on, fun sessions –children learn through doing
  • Opportunity for volunteer engagement. Contact [email protected]

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