School is currently fabulously busy, and I want to thank our Teachers for the way in which they are approaching this very hectic term.

It was wonderful to see our Rippa Rugby teams attend the annual tournament yesterday and finally have the opportunity to experience a field day. I want to thank Monika Benkovic for her wonderful organisation. To bring this together in the changing landscape of Covid 19, has been a fabulous achievement.  I would also like to thank our Teacher and Parent coaches for working with the children to provide them with a great day out.

I would like to remind you that now is your opportunity to provide us with information around class placements for next year. These requests should be based around our ability to meet any specific needs your child may have whether they be learning, health or well-being issues. While we are aware of many of our children’s needs there may be something you consider important that we may not be aware of. I would like to emphasise this is not an opportunity to choose your child’s teacher or classroom, or to ensure children stay with their friends, but to inform us of important issues that we should consider when placing your child. Do not just rely on a discussion with our teachers please put your thoughts in writing so they are not overlooked. Please send these requests direct to me via my email address.

Please have these requests to me by next week Tuesday 27th of October.

I would also like to remind you that Tuesday 27th is a Teacher Only Day and we thank you for making alternative care arrangements for your children on that day.

I hope you all have a safe, happy Labour Weekend.

Ngā mihi nui.

Gary O’Brien
[email protected]


During term 4 we will continue to develop and instil our Torbay School CARE values and Learner Powers.  

Our end of year report will reflect our CARE values and Learner Powers so this is an opportunity for you to have a good look at what they mean and ask your child/ren to tell you about them.  

We have a very busy term ahead with lots of exciting opportunities and learning experiences for all our students.

Learner Powers and Care Values in Action