Kia ora,

As we reach the halfway point of term 4 we look back on what our tamariki have been up to in their respective sports. As always a big thank you to all of our coaches and managers, sports here at Torbay would not be possible without you.

Swimming: On November 1st, Sienna S, Barry E, Jagger C, and Benji B participated in the North Shore Swimming Primary School Championships. All of them did an amazing job as they scored points and got personal bests in their selected events. Both Sienna and Barry picked up 3rd place in their 25 metre freestyle. Ka pai! 

Basketball: Good luck to all of our little league, miniball, and basketball teams for the rest of the season. Not only has it been great to see our teams in action, but to see our teams competing against each other. Keep up the great work!

Sambo: The Badenhorst duo of Luke & Lyla pick up gold medals in their respected age groups at New Zealand National Sambo Championships. Sambo is a form of martial arts. Amazing work Luke & Lyla! Due to Lyla’s achievements, she was selected as a Defender of Tomorrow and got to be a mascot at the Rugby World Cup Semi Final between New Zealand and France. What an amazing opportunity! 

Jump Jam: It was with great pride that the Jump Jam Royals performed at Nationals in Tauranga over the weekend. They did an amazing job with performing their routine, and placed 4th in the North Island. All of the hard work, training and refining of their routine really paid off and they were amazing! Congratulations team!

Senior Athletics: On Monday, November 14th, we held our senior athletics for the first time in 2 years. It was great to see all of our senior tamariki running, throwing, and jumping in the sun. A big thank you to all of our senior staff and parents for their involvement, it couldn’t have been possible without your help. Please see the results below.

Long Jump

Place U9 Girls 10 Girls 11 Girls U9 Boys 10 Boys 11 Boys
1 Mila B India R Jaime R Anthony S Barry E Jacques dP
2 Isabelle S Zayra DSB Amelie I Niwa H Viggo K Eddie M
3 Samantha L Alesha H-J Bianca B Isaac S Joel E Jihwan L

High Jump

Place U9 Girls 10 Girls 11 Girls U9 Boys 10 Boys 11 Boys
1 Mila B Sienna S Dante VD Anthony S Viggo K Jacques dP
2 Ella C Aamani P Jaime R Niwa H Barry E Jihwan L
3 Neva T Sienna D Jasmine A Harley S

Flynn BP

Cody H Max B


Place U9 Girls 10 Girls 11 Girls U9 Boys 10 Boys 11 Boys
1 Mila B Sophia H Jaime R Marlon TW Jared B Max B
2 Mia B Sienna S Lydia A Jagger C Barry E Luke B
3 Samantha L Tilly S Jeni-Belle M Anthony S Viggo K Jayden K

Shot Put

Place U9 Girls 10 Girls 11 Girls U9 Boys 10 Boys 11 Boys
1 Mila B Sienna S Dante VD Marcus W Salesi L Jayden K
2 Kaila W Tilly S Billie F Jaxon T Bill H Max B
3 Samantha L Sophia H Jaime R Lewis K Barry E Luke B

100 Metre

Place U9 Girls 10 Girls 11 Girls U9 Boys 10 Boys 11 Boys
1 Neva T Zayra DSB Lydia A Ari A Kaelin C Jayden K
2 Kaitlyn B India R Amelie I Anthony S Viggo K Quentin R
3 Mila B Sienna S Jaime R Niwa H Jared B Jihwan L


Junior Athletics: Junior Athletics will take place at the end of the term. More information to come soon.

Torbay World Cup: With the Football World Cup kicking off in Qatar next week, Torbay School has formed its very own! Over the last couple of weeks our senior students have been battling against each other to eventually become champions of Torbay. It has been great to see our tamariki building confidence, resilience, and cheering each other on.

To all of our Touch, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, and Splash polo players, keep up the great work and good luck for the rest of the season!

Sport Photos: We are waiting for the codes for the sport photos. Once we have received these codes more information will be sent home on ordering.

All photos from term 4 can be found here

If you have any questions please email Sam Coyle – [email protected] 

Ngā mihi,

Sam Coyle

Physical Education Teacher and Sports Coordinator

Player of the day awards

Torbay Suns

Week 1: Odelia W & Joni R

Week 2: Game 1: Cara E & Anine V Game 2: Feifei W & Michaela B

Torbay Stars

Week 1: Emma O & Ellie S

Week 2: Lucca H & Kayla G

Week 3: Zoe B & Olivia M

Torbay Mystics

Week 1: Hanna P

Torbay Diamonds

Week 1: Charlotte M & Amelie E

Week 2: India R & Emilia CR

Week 3: Nina T & Celeste L


Week 1: Madison G & Sonja DP

Week 2: Donna A & Yana T

Week 3: Mikayla I & Ava A