A huge thank you to all parents who registered their children for sports in such a tight time frame. Monday was the deadline date to register Torbay teams into different competitions and because of that, the registrations on Kindo are now closed. If you missed out, there will be more opportunities in Term 2, please keep an eye on Torbay School website and on this fortnightly newsletter.

Unfortunately due to Level 3 we have had to postpone our sports information evening that was planned for tonight. This will be rescheduled at a later date.

We are very excited that for term 1, we have 3 Flippaball teams, 2 Newbies Waterpolo teams, 9 Touch Rugby teams, 2 Little League teams, 6 Miniball teams and 7 Basketball teams. Everyone who has registered should have received an email by now with the information about their team. If you did not get an email, please get in touch with Monika.

Finding parent coaches is always a struggle with common reasons being ‘not confident’ or ‘not enough/any experience’. Please do not let that stop you from offering to help out, the kids really appreciate having you there and once you have read the rules on the website and watched a couple of videos you are good to go! On another hand, if you can not coach or manage a team, please help where you can and if you children can not make it to games or trainings, please communicate this to the coach. Coaches put considerable effort into planning activities, substitutions and making sure everyone gets a turn, please show them the courtesy they deserve.

We have developed ‘Codes of Conduct’ for parents, players and coaches and you can familiarise yourself with these codes on our website.

Please keep an eye on these very helpful website as they post draws and regular updates there – especially with Covid and change of levels – we all need to be aware of the conditions and requirements for the sports to be able to go ahead: – Flippaball, Newbies Waterpolo, The East Coast Bays Sports League Facebook Page for info about Little League, Miniball and Basketball, and for upcoming sports ,, and our website

We wish everyone all the very best for their games, play hard and play fair and have lots of fun and remember to always thank your coach and the opposition.

Monika Benkovic,

Sports Co-ordinator, [email protected]