In this newsletter I would like to celebrate coaches, managers and parents. Although here in New Zealand we are very fortunate to be able to play sports, Covid -19 has compacted lots of activities into term 4 – meaning everyone is busier than usual. Despite that, there are lots of trainings and games happening and all the children are where they are meant to be, on time, in the correct uniform, with the correct gear, with trophies or certificates for players of the day and even some treats! It takes a lot of effort to juggle things, to communicate, to be prepared, to have snacks on hand…… and time! Finding the time, leaving work early or asking someone to help with transport. 

We really appreciate all your efforts with this logistics. We thank everyone who sends emails or team reach reminders, helps transport children, referees games, finds substituting players in case a team member is away and the list goes on…The children really love it, you can tell by the giggles and laughter, the support and encouragement they give their teammates and the opposition and the cheers at the end of the games. We might not always (but sometimes…:) produce an All Black, Tall Black, Silver Fern or Black Fern but if we instill a lifelong love of sport which will keep the children happy and healthy and build friendships, we have done our job. We are halfway through the competitions, keep up the amazing work and enjoy watching your children play and gain new skills.

Please keep using the Covid-19 tracing app and scan the QR codes displayed around school and the sporting venues. Also please remember to sanitize your hands before and after using any sports equipment.

We are still waiting for some invoices and still working out the financial side of sport fees and once again we thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

For draws and updates please keep an eye on these websites: – Flippa Ball or Newbies Introduction to Waterpolo, East Coast Bays Sports League Facebook Page for info about Little League, Miniball and Basketball, ,, – touch and our website

For further help please email Monika. 

He mauruuru matou,

Monika Benkovic, Sports Co-ordinator, [email protected] 


Netball – Torbay Ohia: Player of the Day: Tally (31 Oct) Karissa (7 Nov), Sportsmanship Award: Ceci (31 Oct) Natalie (7 Nov)
Netball –Torbay Matana: Player of the Day: Chloe M (31 Oct & 7 Nov) Sportsmanship Award: Elsie B (31 Oct) & Edie J (7 Nov)
Netball – Torbay Momoho: Player of the Day: Emma P (31 Oct) Niamh M & Paige A (7 Nov), Sportsmanship Award: Niamh M (31 Oct) Tillie & Emily (7 Nov)
Miniball – Torbay Bulls:  Louis R (3 Nov) 
Miniball – Torbay Thunder: Xavier P (27 Oct) & Tom H (3 Nov)
Hockey – Torbay Tigers: Max H (2 Nov)
Touch – Torbay Eels: Eddie E (2 Nov) Viggo (9 Nov)