EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom)      

EOTC is defined as all those events that occur outside the classroom, both on- and off-site, including all curriculum, sporting, and cultural activities.

The school’s EOTC activities support and enhance the New Zealand Curriculum.

Students learn through experiences appropriate to their needs and environment. Students need a variety of experiences for maximum development, and should be given opportunities to explore and learn from the world outside the classroom.

Taking students out of the school environment can provide them with life-changing experiences, which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

EOTC programmes, events, activities, and experiences:

  • enhance learning, through a variety of well-designed, first-hand experiences
  • provide experiences for students that encourage awareness of the values and philosophies of the tangata whenua, and other cultures within the school community
  • increase students’ knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the school area, local district, and other familiar and unfamiliar places
  • promote ecological awareness and personal responsibility towards the environment
  • develop students’ skills in observation, recording, and organisation
  • help students develop self-confidence and a sense of adventure
  • assist students in their social development by placing them with others in unfamiliar situations
  • help students develop an attitude of responsibility, particularly towards their own safety and that of others
  • provide students with opportunities to work together in a group.




Examples of EOTC experiences 2020


These opportunities rely heavily on whānau support.  By helping on the day, these experiences will be successful and worthwhile for all our tamariki.

Ways you can help and support EOTC


  • Have something else you could offer?  – Contact the classroom teacher or office