Māori Language Week, te wiki o te reo Māoriis a government-sponsored initiative promoting the use of Māori language, one of the two official national languages of the country (Māori and New Zealand Sign Language).


Torbay School will celebrate Māori language week by:

  • Karakia in the mornings to start the school day 
  • Student lead Te Reo, where akonga are the expert. Maori television midday news (video of Torbay School)
  • Peer teaching with sign language, where akonga are once again the expert
  • Using Wai ako to support Te Reo in the classroom
  • Lunch time activities, tell Whaea Jen a Māori phrase and get a moko in return
  • Classroom activities, planned for by the teacher
  • Caught kia Kōrero te reo Māori award cards

You can support Māori language week by: