This term is a grading term for flippaball. Our team is doing amazingly well and have won all of their games so far. Keep up the great work! We are hoping that we can grow the number of children who play flippaball and hoping in Term 2 to put 2 or 3 teams together – if you like water and are a confident swimmer come and give it a go. It is a lot of fun.

Basketball and Miniball teams are also going through a grading  process. Some games are very hard and some of them not so challenging which is why we have the grading process. From next term teams will be put into 2 groups and face other teams with a very similar ability. Going through grading  is a very good experience and all Torbay teams are improving immensely. 

In Little League the focus is on learning and having fun. The Y1 & 2 children are picking up new skills very fast.

We have around 90 children joining the 2020 netball season. This week will see netball trials for Y5 and Y6 children and teams formation in all other year levels. We would like some more Y4 children to join netball, as we have 19 registrations so far which give us 2 rather big teams. We have 1 team at Y1, Y2 and Y3 level.

Registrations are STILL open for the following sports (KINDO):

Hockey (Y3-6), Netball (Y1-6)

Our hockey experienced a huge growth and success last year. It would be wonderful to continue with this in 2020. We had 15 children register so far but would like some more!

Thank you very much to all the parents who give their time and support  to Torbay school, we do appreciate it very much!

If you need more information about any of the sporting codes offered at Torbay School please visit these very helpful and informative websites: – Flippa Ball, East Coast Bays Sports League Facebook Page for info about little league, miniball and basketball, ,, and our website

Thank you again for all your support and wishing you all the very best for your games.

Monika Benkovic – Sports Co-ordinator

[email protected]

Player of the Day: 

Basketball -Torbay Tanks: Kale Happy (28 Feb)
Basketball – Team Kobes: Ethan D (28 Feb)
Miniball– Torbay Bulls: Philip N (25 Feb), Luca J (3Mar), Rhys G (10 Mar)
Miniball – Team Swish: Izzy O (25 Feb) Jackson P (3 Mar)
Miniball – Torbay Thunder: Lewis K (25 Feb), Tom H (3 Mar)

Latest sports photos: