BYOD | Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Vision

To create confident, flexible, self-directed lifelong learners

We are encouraging Year 4, 5 and 6 students  to bring in their own devices to school for learning.

We believe that…

our students live in a world that is fundamentally different than it was ten years ago with new technologies accelerating the pace of change in our world.  With these technologies we believe we can provide enhanced learning opportunities and higher levels of engagement requiring increased global awareness and emphasizing the need for interconnectedness.  Thriving in this world will not only require mastery of essential content-based skills but also the ability to think critically and solve problems, communicate and collaborate with others, and be creative, innovative and entrepreneurial.

All students in year 4,5 and 6 will use Google Apps to enhance learning in writing, reading, mathematics, inquiry (topic) and homework

  • Students who do not have a device will share classroom devices owned by Torbay School.

  • Student learning is monitored through google dashboard  |  Teacher Dashboard

  • Student internet is available between 9.00am and 3.00pm

  • Devices are not shared

  • Devices are locked in a cupboard at morning tea and lunchtime and times when they are not needed

  • Recommended devices information is available

  • Devices need to be internet capable (no phones or iPods)

  • Students will adhere to the mobile learning agreement, signed by parents and student

  • There will be a balance of learning programs involving whole class, group sessions, handwritten tasks and non-screen times

We recommend Chrome Books for learning.

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To discuss further or to look at a classroom in action, contact:  Katie Hills

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