Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP)


The Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) at Torbay School is a language based. developmental programme catering towards the needs of year 1 and 2 children.
It is also a remedial programme for year's 3-5 children.

This programme develops areas of motor skills like fitness, balance, eye/foot coordination, locomotion, eye/hand coordination, as well as perceptions like body image and control, rhythm, directionality, space awareness and laterality.

Some of the skills being developed are; problem solving, language, confidence, memory, P.E. skills, and social skills. It develops through movement, motor skills
that are related to the child's own needs, in the areas of eye/hand, eye/foot coordination, locomotion and balance and fitness (including stamina, flexibility,
and strength).

The Perceptual Motor Programme aims to develop the child's perceptions and understanding of him/herself and his/her world through movement/motor experiences.It also develops perceptions of time and space, the pattern and order of the child's natural world and the laws and limitations that govern the
human body.

Many parents are involved in running the programme and because of their dedication and commitment, we have one of the most successful programmes.