Renee Heasley


Hello my name is Renee Heasley and I have the privilege of working at Torbay School.

My passion for teaching was ignited when I left Long Bay College and had a GAP year in the UK. There I was a teacher aide and house mistress in an all-girls boarding school not far from Bath. After coming home and working in pharmacy for a couple of years I went to AUT to take on a bachelor’s degree in state and Montessori teaching. Straight out of getting my degree I went on to teach at Albany Junior High where I taught for 5 years. At Torbay my roles include Classroom Teacher, Teacher in Charge of Waterwise and Sports Co-Ordinator. These roles enable me to work alongside dedicated teachers and parents that are also passionate about sports and outdoor education as well as their social and physical development. Working at Torbay I have a sense of coming home as my parents and many of my friends from LBC had the pleasure of learning here.

My passions include paddle boarding, snowboarding, photography, (although to be honest I will give most things a go!) and travelling. I have been lucky to go to various exotic and intrepid places around the globe including Namibia, Cambodia, Vietnam,Thailand,China and Europe. Married in 2011, to my husband Jabba, (Who is serving in the RNZN) we enjoy the lazy laid back lifestyle of living on the North Shore with our dog Loki.

I am currently on maternity leave, spending time with my daughter and will be back in 2016.