Linda Urwin

Teaching level: Year 5/6 Room 5 

Hi I’m Linda Urwin. I’m a member of Rakino (with Alyce Taylor) and teach a great  group of year  5 and 6 students. I believe in giving all my students opportunities to experience a wide range of quality learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. I like to focus and build on their confidence and growth as individuals as well as their belief in themselves as citizens of the future.

This year I am a lead teacher for Numeracy and a member of the Curriculum Focus Team. I will continue to maintain my interest in PE/Health/ EOTC and encourage all school members to actively engage in a variety of physical activities. I am also a member of our school behaviour team.

I shifted to the Shore in 1987 from West Auckland and love the life style here and the proximity to such beautiful beaches. My three children all attended Torbay and I resumed my teaching career once they were at school, teaching across a range of levels in part-time positions prior to becoming full-time. I have been working with year 5/6 students for a number of years now and enjoy the opportunity to work with children in my class over a two year period fostering their growth as learners.