Fees and Refund Policy


One School Year        NZ$11,500 plus GST        
   (based on 40 weeks)    
3 Terms only                NZ$9,000 plus GST
2 Terms only                NZ$6,200 plus GST
1  Term only                  NZ$3,200 plus GST
For periods less than 1 term: - $330 per week plus GST.
A minimum of $1,320 + GST may be applicable at peak times.

Tuition Fees include: School sport during the school programme, school trips (except camp and EOTC, entry fees to all shows by visiting performers, daily
ESOL classes where required and school art supplies.


 NZ$ 9.33 per week plus GST


NZ$ 300 plus GST per child (non-refundable)
Per application (including extensions of time)
(For families enrolling more than one student at the same time, this fee will be at the school's discretion)


Camp, Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC) and Waterwise activities are an additional cost. As is all stationery and the school uniform.


Torbay School has a Refund Policy.  If a student withdraws from school:

  1. The parents must apply in writing, to the Board of Trustees, within one month of the last day of attendance, explaining why the student has withdrawn from school and the reasons for seeking a refund.

  2. If the pupil does not attend for more than twenty-one consecutive school days then the school will notify, in writing, to the parents/guardians that the enrolment has been terminated. However, if the parents have previously informed the school that the child will be absent for a period of time, with the reason for the absence, the place will be held, providing all fees have been paid in full, as required.

  3. If the school terminates the enrolment, the school will notify Immigration as required.

  4. If the child’s behaviour is of an unacceptable level, then an interview with the child, parents/caregiver and the school will be arranged. If the behaviour does not improve, written notification will be given to the parents. If there is no further improvement, the child be asked, in writing, to leave at the end of term, or sooner if the school decides, and will not be eligible to return the following term. There will be no refunds on fees paid if this occurs. “An acceptable level of behaviour” would be seen as obeying the school rules as set out in the current prospectus.

  5. In all cases of absences, the parents must notify the school by 9am on the morning of the first day of absence, and follow up with a written note of the first day of the child’s return to school. If the reason is for an appointment, the school is to be informed in writing the day prior to the appointment, if possible.

  6. If the enrolment application is found to be inaccurate in any way the contract may be terminated.

A copy of the full refund policy is available here.