Open Door Policy

Our school has an “Open Door” policy that encourages parents to come in and see us at any time for a discussion or to assist in our educational programme. We have a very supportive Board of Trustees who strives to achieve what is best for our school. We foster a family atmosphere and environment, with students taking pride in our CARE values.
Parents and caregivers are welcome at the school.
Teachers are the first point of contact, by emailing or making an appointment. Teachers are often involved in school meetings and professional development before and after school.
The Principal and Deputy Principals can be seen at any time, but to ensure a meeting, please make an appointment.
When collecting students at the end of the day please wait outside the classroom

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to visit classrooms, however, in fairness to teachers, we request that visiting classrooms is done in an appropriate manner. Please arrange with the teacher, times that you could assist in the classroom. In term one we run a Parent Helper Training meeting that we would like you to attend before offering to help.
Torbay School has many parents assisting in classrooms and also has a number of other people from the community who come into school to assist in a variety of ways. The links between school, home and the community are continually strengthening. We very much see Torbay School as the school which belongs to the Torbay Community.

Please contact the following staff regarding the following matters
Individual learning and behaviour - classroom teacher
School wide learning and behaviour - Leadership team - (Glenys Harwood, Katie Hills or Wendy Sandifer)
School organisation, procedures and management - Wendy Sandifer
School governance and policy - Board of Trustees