Enrolment Scheme

Effective date shall be 1 January 2000.

Pursuant to the Education Act 1989, the Board of Trustees of Torbay Primary School hereby declares that it has adopted the following enrolment scheme for new pupils at the school, in order to avoid overcrowding or the likelihood of overcrowding.
The Principles

The Board of Trustees of Torbay School will, as far as it can, ensure that this scheme
a) excludes no more prospective students than is necessary to avoid overcrowding or the likelihood of overcrowding
b) reflects the desirability of students being able to attend a reasonably convenient school
c) enables the Secretary to make reasonable use of the existing network of schools, by taking into account the location and capacity of other schools that are reasonably convenient schools for students in the general area served by the school;
and to the extent that it is reasonable and practical to do so without "derogating" (= detracting) from the principles above
d) enables students to attend a school of their choice.
Geographic Area (School Zone)

The school's geographic area takes in all residences with access onto the following roads or parts of roads and within the area to the seaward side of the area bounded by the following roads, namely:

Valley Road, Beach Road (from and including No.826), Carlisle Road (to and including No.154 and the side roads of Limmer Place and Barker Rise), Woodlands Crescent (from and including No.29, as well as the side roads of Capricorn, Oldham, Wilkinson and Branston), Nor East Drive, Idyll Place, Acacia Road, Garden Lane, Finchley Road, Regatta Road, Weatherly Road (to and including numbers 104(even) and 113 (odd) ), Geoffrey Road (from and including numbers 76 (even) and 93 (odd)), Glamorgan Drive (to and including numbers 86 (even) and 91 (odd) ), Dunraven Place; Marina Road, Stredwick Drive (from and including No.155) ,Awaruku Road (from and including No.120 (even) and 77 (odd)), Glenvar Road (to and including No.48 (even) and (odd))
Priority Enrolment

All Children whose current place of residence is within the school's defined geographic area will have guaranteed access to a place at the school. Depending upon availability of places, the following priority considerations will apply for children residing outside the school's geographic area.

Priority 1: Any child who is accepted for enrolment in a special programme run by the school.
Priority 2: The siblings of pupils currently at Torbay School.
Priority 3: Children who are siblings of former students of Torbay School.
Priority 4: Children of former students of Torbay School.
Priority 5: Children of staff employed by the Board of Trustees of the school, or a child of a member of the Board of Trustees.
Priority 6: All other children.